26 February 2013

DIY motorized slider - concept

This project came up to me when I first got the small slider that I own many months ago, but never really got the time to sit down, think it through, locate the items that are needed and make it happen. Not until last week :D

The idea is to convert a simple dslr slider to a motorized one, with affordable components that can be easily found. 

The mechanism will be able to mount on most types of sliders (if not all) without any modifications on the slider itself and will be usable for both video and time-lapse photography. It will offer as much slow speed or as many intervals (for time-lapse) as anyone can wish for, thanks to the simple gear system that is featured.

All the parts needed have already been ordered and the cost, for the conversion only, remained below 35€ (including the battery :P). I will post all the details and links just after the first successful tests.

You can download and check it out on google's sketchup if you like. Just keep in mind that it's not the final design and many changes might occur on those brackets while waiting for the parts to arrive. :)

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